Berkhamsted Minicabs is well known for its remarkable services. Our company provides all types of transport services like going or coming from all airports of UK, Chauffeur and Executive service. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, free baby seats, courier and parcel delivery service, meet and greet service, schools and hospitals transport service, online booking, debit and visa cards and much more. We are always on time and our firm provides the service 24/7. Our quick service can be at your doorstep in minutes. If you are feeling tired and looking for a cab, then Berkhamsted Minicabs is the best choice for you. You can have safe and reliable journeys with Berkhamsted Minicabs. We have gained much popularity and created a name in the field of minicab services. We will make sure that you get the best and most comfortable mini-cab service in the area of Stansted and the surroundings.
We have a large fleet of modern vehicles like Saloons, Estates, MPVs 6-seaters and 8-seaters with professional and honest drivers. All of our drivers are highly trained in the field of mini cab transportation. We also guide and train our drivers before allowing them to do the job. Our advanced system keeps your booking record up to 6 months. Our company relies on these key points and ensures that the passenger gets flawless minicab service as he/she desires. Call us now to book a cab or make an enquiry.

Airport Transfers

Berkhamsted Minicabs gives a comfortable airport transfer service. Going to the airport can often be the most annoying part of any travel or journey. It creates much stress thinking about parking the car in the parking positions, taking out your bags and cases, and relying on family or friends to get your luggage into the car and pick you up on time before you’ve even arrived at the airport. So you can take all of the stress out of getting to the airport by booking a cab rather? Our professional drivers are able to drive you to any airport in UK exactly on time, and they are well trained and know all the routes to take in order to avoid heavy traffic and other problems. All you have to do is sit back and relax and plan the next things that you want. We cover all the airports in UK like Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted and London City Airport. So whenever you need a cab for an airport journey, then don’t hesitate to call us. You can book our cabs simply by a phone call, email, Apple and Android apps.


Hospital Transfers

Going home from a hospital can be the most worrying and annoying time for many people, and they want their journey to be safe, reliable and stress-free as possible from hospital to home. Berkhamsted Minicabs proudly offers a safe, professional and caring hospital transfer service for patients from any of the hospitals in the surrounding areas. Most people order our cabs when going home from a hospital because they believe our service is comfortable and reliable and that allows the patients to relax and reach home safely. Most people often need to return to the hospital at some point, and we are also able to help you with this. You can order a cab to any hospital in advance
Berkhamsted Minicabs is well known for providing outstanding cab service for patients and most of the hospitals staffs know us because of our great service. We have expert and honest drivers, who aren’t just trained to drive you from one place to another, but pay attention to your needs. Our drivers are also trained in first aid and have all the first aid accessories. They not only get you to your destination but also help you get inside your home.

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Baby Seat

Berkhamsted Minicabs is famous for its best service in UK. We are family oriented and we take care of our customers. We always take care of our passengers and especially of Childs, for their safety, we provide a child seat for the baby to make his/her journey safe and reliable. No one would ever dream of taking their own children in a vehicle without a child seat so why should you? We guide the customers not to take the risk of taking their child without a child seat when we can supply you with free of charge for almost all journeys you take. We provide child seats for newly born babies to 10 years old. We have a range of baby seats and we provide the one according to the age of the baby at no extra charge. When you want to book a cab with us while you’re having a child with you, then let us know the age of the child to provide a suitable seat. Call us now for more or make a booking.


Chauffeur Service

Berkhamsted Minicabs is famous for its brilliant service. One of its best services is the “Chauffeur Service” and the company provides this service relying on three main motives Consistency, Quality and Hard work. We are following these tracks and have developed the best chauffeur service in the area of Berkhamsted Minicabs. Berkhamsted Minicabs has the best, new and luxurious chauffeur taxis. Our company’s first priority is quickness and punctuality and instructs the drivers to follow the rules strictly. We have a large fleet of luxury cars that offer the best executive taxi service in Stansted.

Berkhamsted Minicabs has a variety of chauffeur taxis operated by authorized drivers and licensed taxis to provide reliable and comfortable journeys. Our company has created a big name in the subject of Chauffeurs. Our cab service is flawless and has high-quality customer support. We have VIP cars equipped with all chauffeur’s accessories like Jaguar, Mercedes and BMWs. You can get our chauffeur service by Phone, Online and Mobile app

Flight Monitoring

We provide service to airport clients and always monitor your flights. We have experienced and polite call operators. They will arrange the cab according to your flight timing. We note down the arrival and departure times to arrange good meet and greet service.
The flight arrivals sometimes get delayed but we have the flight monitoring crew to confirm the arrival time. Our minicabs will be always there when you are ready. Never hassle or worry about the timing our accurate system will help you to get a cab easily. Getting to or from an airport can be difficult but our flight monitoring task can help you to be stress free. We have the flight monitoring service of any airport. Our firm’s latest technology tactics provide minute-to-minute information about the flight departure and arrival which is beneficial to all clients. The information on flights can be collected in minutes. So our flight monitoring system can help the passengers a lot like, avoiding the waiting time and avoiding the extra car parking charges. You can have our service 24/7 in a year. You can hire our cabs through phone calls, email, and Apple and Android apps.

Courier Delivery Service

The courier or delivery service of Berkhamsted Minicabs not only declines other services in terms of quality but also at the lowest prices and offers incredible value to anyone using it. Our prices for delivery services are much discounted as compared to other cab services, so why not find out how much your package delivery would cost? Our firm has many repeat customers who order our cabs for their deliveries again and again, as they know we can be trusted with even the most important of parcels or packages deliveries. We can often provide you with a cab within minutes of you contacting us, so we are also available for urgent deliveries and transfers. We have the best courier service and most other courier services, and you never have to worry about urgent deliveries again. Other companies don’t deliver large parcels, but our firm has the ability to transfer every size parcel, whether it is a big or small parcel at the finest prices. You can have our delivery service simply by phone call, email, Apple and Android apps.

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